Prudential x SuperM

Dance to SuperM’s latest single ‘WE DO’

Watch as SuperM members show you how #WeDO it and guide you through the dance moves of the ‘WE DO’ chorus.

Do it like how #WeDO it

Dance like how we do and you could have a chance to have your own moves featured in front of the band. Watch the dance tutorials by the SuperM members.

Have you seen the new #WeDO MV SuperM? Let TEN give you a hot little reminder.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how LUCAS does it.

MARK + Moves = Mastery. Follow his steps, then show us yours.

Need a refresher course? BAEKHYUN, hit it.

Before you go, let KAI show you how #WeDO it.

What excites TAEYONG about the new #WeDO song? The chance to actually make everyone FEEL it with their body.

Watch how TAEMIN varies the dance up with his pre-chorus moves.