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Defining a role for business in community preparedness



Partnership Approach

Strategic engagement by the private sector in disaster preparedness efforts has the potential to help address business objectives. However, meaningful and sustainable impact cannot be achieved unless there is close collaboration between business, NGO, humanitarian and government sectors.

In partnership with CSR Asia, we host an annual Disaster Preparedness Forum across the region, providing a platform for dialogue, learnings and advocacy to encourage greater private sector engagement. White Papers are then published based on key findings and learnings.

2015 Forum

The third forum, “Creating Value Through Strategic Partnerships” was held in Hanoi in July 2015 and had over 100 delegates attend. This forum aimed to help advance and form strategic partnerships for disaster preparedness and recovery.

2015 Forum paper

This white paper was released in September 2015 and showcases strategic partnerships involving businesses in disaster preparedness, response and recovery initiatives. The case studies highlight how cross-sector collaborations can leverage each partner’s unique capabilities and deliver results for all involved.
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2014 Forum

The second forum, “A Role for Business in Disaster Recovery” was held in Manila in July 2014 bringing together more than 150 thought leaders from business, government, NGO and humanitarian sectors.

2014 Forum paper

Released in September 2014 and informed by participants’ discussions at the forum, this paper outlines opportunities for collaborative efforts in disaster recovery.
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2013 Forum

Our first Disaster Preparedness Forum, “A Role for Business in Community Preparedness” was held in Jakarta in November 2013.

2013 Forum paper

Produced by CSR Asia and sponsored by Prudence Foundation, this paper outlined the business case and recommendations for greater private sector involvement in disaster preparedness.
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