Proud to be PRU

Every day millions of people put their trust in Prudential. We see that as a privilege. We have earned our reputation as an industry leader and our people are finding their work more rewarding and meaningful every day.

We are passionate about our people and we owe our success to their talent and commitment. Blending international perspectives and local expertise, Prudential is diverse, dedicated and agile.

Our people have inherited a successful legacy and are proud to represent the next chapter of the Prudential story. They share our vision and belief in providing protection, for our customers, our communities and our world.

We are focused on the long-term. Our people stay connected and tuned in to what’s happening around us, keeping us ahead of the curve. From our solid foundations, we look to the future to bring growth, development and benefit to everyone whose lives we touch.

“At Prudential we work hard and we have integrity. We’re always ready for the next opportunity. When you have strong principles, anything is possible.”

– Tran Thi Ngoc Nhung, Head of HR, Prudential Vietnam Finance Company Ltd.

Our Core Values

Our values shape our approach to everything we do. They are represented in every part of our business, but more importantly, they are embodied in our people.


We respect the trust that our customers place in us. We are in the business of helping families and our people are our assets. We listen to the needs of our customers and communities and provide hope and protection for the future.

“As a part of the PRUvolunteer programme, we’ve worked with different NGOs to encourage students to set goals and plan for their future. As a mentor, I’ve been able to pass on some advice and guidance – it’s very rewarding.”

- Joanne Cho, Senior Manager Agency Operations, Hong Kong


“This job has impressed me every day. In my department there is an outstanding culture full of energy and enthusiasm. We learn from each other all the time and we learn from our customers too.”

- Panhaphea Ly, Head of Bancassurance, Cambodia

We work together and encourage one another. We build valuable relationships between our people, our customers and our communities. Together we are a rich and deep source of knowledge and experience, sharing our insights and continually strengthening our expertise.


From new joiners to seasoned leaders, our people are solution-driven. They are ready to formulate and implement new ways of thinking and working to deliver innovative services.

“Prudential is a place for learning and exploring your capabilities. There are many opportunities to be a part of the future of the industry.”

– Kamariah Chan, VP Financial Controller, Indonesia


We are dedicated to the goals of Prudential. We have the initiative and diligence to achieve. We keep our targets in our sight and perform to ensure we deliver.

Prudential employees talk about what it means to deliver.

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