“I've been with Prudential for a long time, as have many of my colleagues. We’re proud of where we work and see value in what we do. We have a shared belief in this organisation.”

– Adam Spring, Head of HR Systems and Data, Regional Head Office

Our Values

Our values shape our approach to everything we do. They are represented in every part of our business, but more importantly, they are embodied in our people.


Life at Prudential

Every day is different at Prudential. Our people embrace the challenges of our industry with a sense of purpose and dedication to deliver on our promises.

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Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and insight. They build on our foundations for the future and inspire our people.

"What attracted me to Prudential was their commitment to really growing their people. There is a strong philosophy around the development of human talent throughout the organisation and we continue to receive international recognition for this.”

– Lyndsey Wylie, Regional Director, Regional Head Office, Human Resources

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