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Launched in May 2014, SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters is a pan-Asian public service initiative aimed at providing people with the basic educational messages on how to prepare for natural disasters. SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters has been developed in partnership between Prudence Foundation and National Geographic Channel. Manny Pacquiao, International boxing champion and humanitarian, is the Programme Ambassador and provides his time and service pro bono.

The objective of SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters is to provide this life saving information to as many people as possible to save as many lives from the devastating impacts of natural disasters.

All steps provided were approved by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters is a unique programme employing multiple platforms: Public Service Announcement Videos, Infographic hand-out cards, Posters and Website.

Public Service Announcement Videos

On-air 60-second videos: Core to the programme is a series of 60-second videos or Public Service Announcements (‘PSAs’) on what individuals and households should do when disasters strike. The PSAs cover Typhoon, Earthquake, Flood, Fire and how to prepare an Emergency Kit.

Infographic hand-out cards


Inspired by safety cards on airlines, the infographic cards provide simple and easy-to-understand illustrations on what to do in each disaster, expanding on the advice provided in the PSAs.

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SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters in Asia



Designed to show key steps of each disaster per the PSAs to be placed anywhere from a family's home in Indonesia to a local government unit's office in the Philippines.

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SAFESTEPS.com provides all this material for free download so as many people as possible can access this information.

For more details, visit www.safesteps.com

Visit www.safesteps.com

Partnership Approach


We have a firm belief that only through partnering with the right organisations and governments can its programmes achieve the objectives established at inception. SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters exemplifies this as we have partnered, and will continue to partner with organisations whose strengths add value to the programme’s objectives. By working with these organisations it provides a multi-distribution platform to ensure maximum impact and reach of SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters information to disaster prone communities.

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SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters Launch Press Release & Media Coverage

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SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters Partners

Our objective is for as many people as possible to receive SAFE STEPS Natural Disasters information. We know this is only possible through partnering with...

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