SAFE STEPS First Aid aims to provide people with fundamental first aid knowledge, enabling them to be less vulnerable in an emergency situation and prepared to potentially save a life. It is a partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and National Geographic.

SAFE STEPS First Aid Ambassadors have been chosen for their dedication to saving people in their everyday life. They are doctor and humanitarian, Dr Maria Guevara, Bali-based lifeguard, Marshello Aryafara, and a paramedic from Singapore, Wee Chee Ong.

Almost 16,000 people die from injuries around the world every single day. While homes are often perceived as safe places, this is where 80 percent of accidents occur.

Infographic Cards


To further spread the life-saving information, the infographic cards provide simple and easy-to-understand illustrations on what to do for each topic, expanding on the advice provided in the educational videos. All messages have been approved by the IFRC.


SAFE STEPS First Aid in Asia



SAFESTEPS.com provides all this material for free download so as many people as possible can access this information.

For more details, visit www.safesteps.com.

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