Prudential plc Full Year 2016 Results



Performance highlights on a constant (and actual) exchange rate basis

  • Asia IFRS operating profit1 of £1,644 million, up 15 per cent2,3 (up 28 per cent4)
  • Asia new business profit5 of £2,030 million, up 22 per cent2,3 (up 37 per cent4)
  • US life insurance IFRS operating profit1 of £2,052 million, up 8 per cent3 (up 21 per cent4)
  • UK life retail APE sales of £1,160 million, up 33 per cent, with PruFund APE sales up 52 per cent to £873 million
  • M&G total assets under management of £265 billion, with external assets under management up 8 per cent4
  • Full year 2016 ordinary dividend increased by 12 per cent to 43.5 pence per share8
  • Group Solvency II surplus6 estimated at £12.5 billion; equivalent to a cover ratio of 201 per cent7
  • The Group is on course to achieve its 2017 financial objectives

Mike Wells, Group Chief Executive, said: “Prudential has delivered a strong financial performance in 2016. In a year that has seen continued low interest rates, market volatility and dramatic political change, our results continue to benefit from the scale and diversity of the Group’s global platform, the disciplined execution of our strategy and the strength of the opportunities in our target markets.

“Our performance has been driven by Asia, which has delivered a seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth in new business profit, IFRS operating profit and capital generation. In the fourth quarter of 2016, quarterly APE sales in Asia exceeded £1 billion for the first time, with eight of our markets in the region growing by more than 20 per cent. For the full year, our new business profit in this region increased by 22 per cent2 to £2,030 million, IFRS operating profit was 15 per cent2 higher at £1,644 million and free surplus generation2,9 grew 15 per cent to £859 million. In the US and in the UK, our businesses remain well positioned to navigate a period of significant regulatory change. We remain on course to achieve our 2017 financial objectives.

“This performance has allowed us to increase our full year ordinary dividend by 12 per cent to 43.5 pence per share8. The dividend increase demonstrates our commitment to deliver long-term value for our shareholders and our confidence in the future prospects of our Group.

“Prudential helps to remove uncertainty from the most significant financial events of our customers’ lives, such as saving for a child’s education, protecting against the financial cost of ill-health or turning hard-earned savings into secure retirement income. We are well placed to provide these services through our leading positions in many of our chosen markets. In Asia, growing numbers of middle-class consumers increasingly require our health and protection products, and ageing populations in the UK and the US are seeking ways to invest their savings to produce secure income for retirement.

“The Group’s performance demonstrates our ability to capitalise on the significant growth opportunities in these regions. We are well positioned to continue to deliver high-quality products and services to our 24 million life customers, and retain our distinctive ability to generate both growth and cash for our shareholders.”


 Based on longer-term investment returns.
 Following its reclassification to held for sale during 2016, operating results exclude the contribution of the Korea life business. The 2015 comparative results have been similarly adjusted.
3   Year-on-year percentage increases are stated on a constant exchange rate basis unless otherwise stated.
4   Growth rate on an actual exchange rate basis.
5   New business profit on business sold in the year, calculated in accordance with EEV principles.
6   The Group Solvency II surplus represents the shareholder capital position excluding the contribution to Own Funds and the Solvency Capital Requirement from ring fenced with-profits funds and staff pension schemes in surplus. The estimated solvency position includes the impact of recalculated transitionals at the valuation date, which has reduced the Group shareholder surplus from £12.9 billion to £12.5 billion. The formal Quantitative Reporting Templates (Solvency II regulatory templates) will include transitional measures without this recalculation.
7  Before allowing for second interim ordinary dividend.
8  In 2015, in addition to the ordinary dividend, a special dividend of 10 pence per share was awarded.
9  Underlying free surplus generated comprises underlying free surplus generated from the Group's long-term business (net of investment in new business) and that generated from asset management operations. Further information is set out in note 11 of the EEV basis results.


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