Prudential plc Full Year 2013 Results


Performance Highlights:

  • IFRS operating profit1 of £2,954 million, up 17 per cent
  • Underlying free surplus generation1 of £3,099 million (before investment in new business), up 15 per cent
  • Net remittances from business units up 12 per cent to £1,341 million
  • EEV new business profit of £2,843 million, up 16 per cent
  • Total US IFRS operating profit of £1,302 million, up 30 per cent
  • M&G delivers record IFRS operating profit of £395 million, up 23 per cent

2009-2013 ‘Growth and Cash’ Objectives:

  • Asia IFRS operating profit1,2 of £1,075 million, up 16 per cent3, more than double that of 2009
  • Asia EEV new business profit of £1,460 million, up 15 per cent, more than double that of 2009
  • Asia net full year cash remittance of £400 million, up 17 per cent, above 2013 objective of £300 million
  • Jackson full year cash remittance of £294 million, above 2013 objective of £260 million
  • UK full year cash remittance of £355 million, above 2013 objective of £350 million
  • Cumulative net remittances to Group of £4.6 billion, above 2013 objective of £3.8 billion

Capital & Dividend:

  • IFRS shareholders’ funds of £9.7 billion, down 7 per cent
  • EEV shareholders’ funds of £24.9 billion, up 11 per cent, equivalent to 971 pence per share
  • Insurance Groups Directive (IGD) capital surplus4 estimated at £5.1 billion; solvency requirements covered 2.8 times
  • 2013 full year dividend increased by 15 per cent to 33.57 pence per share

Commenting on the results, Tidjane Thiam, Group Chief Executive, said:
“The Group has delivered a strong performance in 2013. We have now met all six of the 2013 ‘Growth and Cash’ objectives we set ourselves in 2010. Our focus on three long-term opportunities – (i) the protection and savings needs of the growing Asian middle class, (ii) the transition into retirement of American ‘baby-boomers’ and (iii) the needs for savings and income in retirement of an ageing UK population – and our discipline have allowed us to navigate successfully the 2009 to 2013 period, which was not without its challenges, following one of the most severe financial crises ever. Our focus on execution across our geographic markets of Asia, the US and the UK has delivered profitable growth and increasing cash generation – ‘Growth and Cash’. In 2013 our key financial metrics of IFRS operating profit, cash and new business profits have all seen double-digit growth. Our business, which used to rely on the UK for IFRS earnings and to fund all its cash needs, is now well diversified not only in terms of IFRS earnings but also in terms of cash.

“These results are only possible because we provide customers with products and services of value to them. Across Asia, we deliver health and protection products to families at an affordable price in markets where there are limited social safety nets. In the US, our range of variable annuities is providing income to retirees in the world’s largest retirement market. In the UK, we have a history of more than 165 years of providing savings and protection to policyholders whatever the prevailing economic conditions.

“At the heart of our future prospects is Asia. We are pursuing the increasing demand for protection products from the rapidly growing middle class in our chosen markets across the region. We have rigorously allocated capital towards providing regular premium policies with health and protection riders – a popular product with our customers, which allows them both to save for the future of their families and to protect them – delivering resilient, profitable and cash-generative growth for our shareholders. In 2013, Asia IFRS operating profit1,2 increased by 16 per cent3 to £1,075 million while new business profit was up 15 per cent to £1,460 million, allowing us to exceed our objectives of doubling the 2009 value of both metrics (being £930 million and £1,426 million respectively) in 2013. Asia net cash remittance of £400 million, up 17 per cent, also surpassed the 2013 full-year cash objective of £300 million and is 10 times higher than the amount remitted in 2009.

“In the US, we remain focused on meeting the needs of the ‘baby-boomer’ generation as they transition into retirement. Jackson has been capitalising on this large opportunity and has increased both its IFRS operating earnings and its cash generation through the economic cycle, through disciplined pricing and risk management in a sector where many companies encountered serious difficulties. We have continued to diversify our product mix with Elite Access, our innovative variable annuity with no guarantees, tripling its sales levels in 2013. Variable annuities without living benefit guarantees now account for almost one-third of our overall variable annuity sales. Total US IFRS operating profit of £1,302 million was up 30 per cent over 2012. Jackson has remitted £294 million of cash, exceeding its 2013 cash remittance objective, which had been increased from £200 million to £260 million after the REALIC acquisition. Since 2008 Jackson has remitted over US$1.8 billion of cash to the Group, tangible evidence of the success of our strategy in this market.

“Our UK life business serves the needs of an ageing population. The UK remitted £355 million of cash in 2013, above its objective of £350 million, an excellent performance from a mature business in an industry facing considerable regulatory change. The UK achieved IFRS operating profit of £735 million, a resilient performance as industry sales volumes remain negatively affected by the implementation of the requirements of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). We believe the strength of our products and brand will position us well once distributors have adjusted to the new environment.

“In asset management, our operations are focused on delivering superior long-term investment performance while expanding distribution reach to new markets and customers. M&G has delivered record IFRS operating profit of £395 million, up 23 per cent, reflecting the benefits of its diversification across funds, asset classes and geographies. Eastspring Investments, our Asia asset management business, saw stable net inflows of £1.6 billion, with IFRS operating profit growing by 7 per cent, a credible performance in the face of volatile investment market conditions in the second half of the year.

“Looking ahead, we believe that the global economic outlook is improving. However, investment markets are impacted by short-term volatility as the market adjusts to policy normalisation in the US. The macro-economic adjustments that we are seeing in emerging markets, partly driven by the return of robust US growth, are ultimately a net positive for these countries, the global economy and Prudential.

“We remain confident that our Asian business is well positioned and offers a compelling opportunity to deliver long-term value both for our customers and for our shareholders. A rapidly growing, increasingly wealthy and well educated middle class with significant savings and protection needs underpins demand for our products. Our leadership positions in six out of 13 Asian markets, combined with our multi-product, multi-channel platform, position us well to capitalise on this opportunity and deliver long-term profitable growth. In addition to these positive Asian prospects, we expect our leading businesses in the US and the UK to continue to generate significant levels of earnings and cash as we serve the savings and retirement income needs of their ageing populations.

“To underline our confidence in the Group’s prospects, we set out three new objectives4 at our investor conference in December 2013:
(i) To achieve Underlying Free Surplus Generation5 from Asia of between £0.9 billion and £1.1 billion in 2017, up from £484 million in 2012;
(ii) To grow Asia life and asset management pre-tax IFRS operating profit at a compound annual rate of at least 15 per cent over the period 2012 to 2017, up from £924 million in 2012 to at least £1,858 million in 20176; and
(iii) To generate Group Underlying Free Surplus of at least £10 billion cumulatively over the four-year period from 2014 to end-2017.

“In addition to the attractive prospects we see in our existing markets, we are thinking beyond 2017. Therefore we are selectively investing in new countries where we see opportunities similar to those we see in our most successful markets in Asia: positive demography, strong economic growth and unmet needs for protection due to the absence of a social safety net. Over the last two years, we have invested in four new markets – Cambodia, Myanmar, Poland and most recently Ghana – and are exploring a fifth opportunity in Saudi Arabia.

“The strength and sustainability of our performance over the last five years have allowed the Board to recommend the rebase of our dividend upwards for the third time in four years. I wish to underline that these successive rebasings have been possible due to the exceptionally strong operational and financial performance of the Group during the last five years and that our dividend policy as defined by the Board is unchanged.

“In accordance with our dividend policy the Board will maintain its focus on delivering a growing dividend from this new higher base, which will continue to be determined after taking into account the Group’s financial flexibility and our assessment of opportunities to generate attractive returns by investing in specific areas of the business. The Board believes that in the medium term a dividend cover of around two times is appropriate.

“We believe the Group is well positioned to continue to deliver good value to customers and attractive returns to shareholders while continuing to manage capital prudently.”


1 The 2012 comparative results have been adjusted from those previously published for the retrospective application of the new and amended accounting standards as discussed in note 3 of ‘Notes to Editors’. In addition, following its reclassification to held for sale during 2013, operating results exclude the results of the Japan Life insurance business. 2012 comparatives have been retrospectively adjusted on a comparable basis.
2 Including Eastspring Investments, and after development costs.
3 Excluding the 2012 one-off gain of £51 million from the sale of the Group’s holding in China Life Insurance Company of Taiwan.
4 Before allowing for final dividend.
4 The objectives assume exchange rates at December 2013 and economic assumptions made by Prudential in calculating the EEV basis supplementary information for the half year ended 30 June 2013, and are based on regulatory and solvency regimes applicable across the Group at the time the objectives were set. The objectives assume that the existing EEV, IFRS and Free Surplus methodology at December 2013 will be applicable over the period.
5 Underlying Free Surplus Generation comprises underlying free surplus generated from long-term business (net of investment in new business) and that generated from asset management operations. The 2012 comparative is based on the retrospective application of new and amended accounting standards and excludes the 2012 one-off gain of £51 million from the sale of the Group’s holding in China Life Insurance Company of Taiwan.
6 Asia 2012 IFRS operating profit of £924 million, is based on the retrospective application of new and amended accounting standards, and excludes the 2012 one-off gain of £51 million from the sale of the Group’s holding in China Life Insurance Company of Taiwan.

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