“Cha-Ching” Returns with Launch of New Song Focused on Entrepreneurship

Prudential’s award-winning financial literacy programme helps instil money smart skills in children

Now celebrating its fourth year of facilitating children’s learning of money management concepts across the region, the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids programme is back with a brand new music video highlighting how to turn a passion into a business. The Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids programme, an on-going initiative from the Prudence Foundation, the charitable arm of Prudential Corporation Asia (“Prudential”), is a highly rated award-winning animation-and-music based multi-platform financial literacy programme that helps children, parents and educators with practical money-smart skills across Asia around four core money concepts – Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.

The new three-minute video sees one of the Cha-Ching band’s most loveable characters, Pepper, convert her love of shopping into a business in the form of a fashion retail outlet. Entitled ‘Sweet Pepper Designs’, the music video gives an overview of how to get started in launching a business and the things that need to be considered such as product costs and pricing and even how to handle the competition. The new video will be aired on the Cartoon Network from 22nd September 2014 in eight Asian markets (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea).

Cha-Ching’s Impact Across the Region
Cha-Ching currently reaches 26 million households across Asia through three daily broadcasting feeds and the songs have been dubbed into six local languages. New statistics available for five of the markets where Cha-Ching is broadcast (Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Korea) show that the programme has acquired over 35 million viewers with the actual number across all Cha-Ching markets estimated to be much higher.

The initiative has also established a significant presence online; since its launch in 2011, www.cha-ching.com has accumulated a total of 71 million page views and 3.7 million visits and the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ChaChingFan, has 92,000 fans. In addition, Cha-Ching’s You Tube channel has achieved over 1.1 million video views and 1,800 subscribers. The song launched earlier this year to support the Prudence Foundation's Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan recovery effort featuring Cha-Ching character, ‘Charity’, and globally renowned singer-songwriter, Arnel Pineda, acquired over 500,000 views alone.

Schools across the region have also embraced Cha-Ching’s money management concepts as learning tools, incorporating them into key learning programmes in education establishments in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. This year, following the launch of Cha-Ching in Korean in January, Korea swiftly adopted the school pilot programme in February reaching over 1,800 eight and nine year old children. Malaysia also launched a test programme in March, initially in two high schools. To date, over 81,000 children across the region have been in contact with Cha-Ching’s school programme.

“Cha-Ching’s fun and lively characters have proved a hit with children across the region,” said Marc Fancy, Executive Director of Prudence Foundation. “Whilst financial literacy is something that is acquired overtime, the catchy songs featured in the Cha-Ching videos aid understanding, memory and learning of the key pillars in financial literacy education and highlights how they can be put into practice. This will surely lay the foundation for future young adults in the region to possess sounder money management skills than seen in previous generations.”

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