Documentary to Commemorate India's Victory in 1983 Prudential Cricket World Cup

Hong Kong - 17 June 2008

Prudential plc, Century TV and Ashis Ray are pleased to announce the launch of a documentary commemorating India's historic victory at the 1983 Prudential Cricket World Cup. Scheduled to air initially on 21st and 22nd June 2008, the documentary celebrates the 25th anniversary of the 1983 Cricket World Cup finals in which India defeated the West Indies and accomplished its most significant sporting achievement to date.

Titled "1983: India's World Cup", the hour-long documentary features footage from England and India, and captures the places, faces and personalities that were central to India's World Cup achievement. The documentary also incorporates archival footage from the tournament as well as extensive interviews with key players and commentators. In one such interview, team captain Kapil Dev reveals that he would have fielded had he won the initial toss in the final. Having lost the toss, India batted first. Kapil comments in the documentary: "I think that belief was the only thing that was different between the Indian and the West Indies team; and that, somehow, somewhere, we start believing. How it comes into the team, I don't know; I mean, I can't really put a finger."

The documentary is sponsored by Prudential plc, original sponsor of the 1983 competition. Commenting on the sponsorship of the documentary, Mark Tucker, Group Chief Executive of Prudential plc, said: "We are very proud to have been the original sponsors of the 1983 Prudential World Cup, which marked a milestone achievement for India's national cricket team. And now, on the 25th anniversary, Prudential is delighted to support this special documentary to relive this historic event and celebrate this significant occasion with the people of India and cricket fans around the world."

Barry Stowe, Chief Executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, added: "Our roots in India, beginning in 1923, run long and deep. We are therefore delighted to recapture the incredible spirit of the 1983 team that continues to inspire such a strong sense of pride amongst the people of India."

The documentary is co-produced by Century TV, an independent television production company based in the UK, and Ashis Ray, a cricket writer and commentator on the UK's BBC Radio and SKY TV. Mr. Tony Still, Managing Director of Century TV, remarked: "India has the largest global following of cricket, and it is important that the current generation of cricket lovers witness this historic achievement."

"I would like to thank Prudential and Century TV for their kind co-operation. I hope viewers enjoy the experience as much as we have been excited about putting it together. I would have had major regrets had we not produced the programme." added Mr. Ashis Ray.


  • The documentary will be aired on 21st and 22nd June on TIMES NOW at 9:30pm and 25th June on ESPN STAR SPORTS (Star Cricket).
  • The documentary will also be screened and available on DVD in major markets across the globe.
  • The 1983 Prudential Cricket World Cup was held in England from 9th to 25th June 1983.
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