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Nic Nicandrou, Chief Executive
Nic Nicandrou
Chief Executive
Steve Bickell, Chief Corporate Development Officer
Steve Bickell
Chief Corporate Development Officer
Jolene Chen, Chief Human Resources Officer
Jolene Chen
Chief Human Resources Officer
Raghu Hariharan, Chief Financial Officer
Raghu Hariharan
Chief Financial Officer

Avnish Kalra, Chief Risk Officer
Avnish Kalra
Chief Risk Officer
Donald Kanak, Chairman, Eastspring Investments
Donald Kanak
Chairman, Eastspring Investments
Lilian Ng, Chief Executive, Insurance
Lilian Ng
Chief Executive, Insurance
Al-Noor Ramji, Chief Digital Officer
Al-Noor Ramji
Chief Digital Officer

Robin Spencer, Chief Operating Officer
Robin Spencer
Chief Operating Officer
Wai-Kwong Seck, Chief Executive, Eastspring Investments
Wai-Kwong Seck
Chief Executive, Eastspring Investments