How YOU Power YOU

How PRU Powers YOU

In your career

Being ambitious is one of our values, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we have a bold vision for what it's like to work at Prudential.


Given the transformation we're undergoing, we know our aspirations may occasionally contrast with your experience.

This is why we have taken care to distinguish between our promises and what we're working towards vs. what you should expect without compromise today.

A Place to Connect, Grow and Succeed




We promise you a diverse, inclusive and flexible work environment where ideas will be welcomed, contributions valued, and everyone is encouraged to bring their true self to work.

Making PRU a place for connection includes our work around:

  • Culture & Conduct
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • People Experience

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Culture & Conduct

What We Are Working Towards
Our desired culture is embedded in our organisation, our people and leaders live our purpose and values and intuitively 'walk the talk', and adapting to new ways of working has become an established norm.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • Your colleagues will share our purpose and be ambitious, curious, empathetic, courageous, and nimble

  • Your input on company culture will be regularly sought through CultureAmp and our Collaboration Jams

  • You will receive fair and respectful treatment in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct and related policies 

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

What We Are Working Towards
Diversity of thinking, skills, identity and experience is celebrated and everyone feels a sense of inclusion and belonging that encourages them to bring their authentic self to work and flourish.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • Your uniqueness will be welcomed so that your talents and point of view can enrich our culture

  • Your manager and company leaders will create an environment that has psychological safety

  • You can connect with other colleagues around shared identities, interests, and ideas through PruCommunities

People Experience

What We Are Working Towards
Our human-centered, digitally-enabled people experience helps people connect with colleagues and our culture, take ownership of their career and performance, and make work more engaging.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • You will have a one-stop shop in myHR to manage leave requests, development plans, performance reviews, and more

  • You will receive complimentary access to Pulse by Prudential to support your own health and wealth goals

  • You can stay connected on 1-Hub on company performance, heritage, purpose & values, and our leaders' profiles


We promise you the time to grow and develop, with support and feedback when it’s needed and a culture that encourages you to challenge yourself, take good care, and learn new skills. Making PRU a place for growth includes our work around:

  • Leadership

  • Learning & Feedback

  • Talent & Succession


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What We Are Working Towards
Our leaders capably deliver our growth agenda, leading with purpose and care, creating a disruptive yet inclusive environment, and supporting our people to thrive and delight customers.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • Your leaders will keep you informed about what is happening across the company

  • Your leaders will demonstrate that people are important to the company's success

  • Your leaders will communicate a vision that motivates you

Learning & Feedback

What We Are Working Towards
We will boast a workforce that knows how to learn and does so in the flow of work, in a way that drives our ambitions, and in service of helping our people get the most out of life.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • You will have access to LinkedIn Learning and LUMA Workplace so you can undertake self-directed learning

  • You will receive continuous feedback from peers and stakeholders on our Values via TellMe or myHR

  • You will have a chance to participate in LUMA Practitioner Programmes to build Future-Ready Skills 

Talent & Succession

What We Are Working Towards
We will designate as talent anyone who maximises their strengths to become their best versions, thus providing a pipeline of future leaders to sustain our continued success.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • You will have access to gig work, mentorship, and rotational opportunities via the myHR Talent Marketplace

  • You will be prioritised over external candidates for most career opportunities and succession

  • Your talent and potential will be considered for entry into Development Programmes (e.g. talent, management, and executive) 


We promise you that you’ll be fairly and competitively compensated for your efforts, and that you’ll have industry-leading benefits to look after your health and wellbeing. Making PRU a place for success involves our work around:

  • Performance Management
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Future-Ready Workforce

Explore each aspect below ↓

Performance Management

What We Are Working Towards
Our performance system will be based on crowd-sourced feedback on careeer growth, behaviours, and team and individual contributions, creating a transparent, flexible and continuous process.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • Your performance will follow COACH principles and your outcomes against each goal will be transparent and clear

  • Your annual appraisal will be at least 30% based on peer feedback and how you live our values

  • You can articulate near-term development goals with your people manager

Reward & Recognition

What We Are Working Towards
Our reward plans will attract and engage exceptional people, foster their wellbeing and provide with them fair and personalised opportunities to share in organisational success.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • You will receive total compensation that is fair, transparent, and competitive relative to similar positions at other companies

  • Your Medical Cover will foster health for you and your family, including non-traditional families

  • You will receive at least 20 days of Annual Leave plus generous leave for volunteering, exams, family care, and hospitalisation

  • Your financial security will be supported by retirement savings, staff investment, and share schemes

  • You will have Group Life Cover at 48x your monthly salary and Critical Illness Cover at 6x your monthly salary

  • You will have Mental Health Cover to pay for access to clinical psychologists and psychiatrists

  • You will be supported by our Employee Assistance Programme which provides monthly wellness seminars and more 

Future-Ready Workforce

What We Are Working Towards
We have an ambitious workforce that stretches boundaries for themselves and the organisation as they continuously adapt to a changing environment and prepare for the future of work.

What YOU Can Expect from PRU

  • You will see that Prudential has a point of view on the Future of Work and is equipping you accordingly

  • You will work in multi-disciplinary team with colleagues across Asia and Africa